Fitbit Feature: FitBit’s new ‘Sleep Profile’ feature will help analyse your nap pattern, comes with fun ‘Sleep Animals’


Google’s FitBit is coming up with a new feature that will help you analyse your sleep data. ‘Sleep Profile’ feature covers a new longitudinal analysis of your sleep patterns.

The new feature makes it a lot easier to interpret your sleep data with fun animal characters by giving you an evaluation that will help take steps to improve your sleep quality and your overall health.

How The Feature Works:

‘Sleep Profile’ feature, which is supported by sleep science, analyses your sleep across 10 key metrics every month, calculates trends and also compares them to what’s typical for your age and gender. This will help you discover where you have the room to improve your sleep.

Fitbit ‘Sleep Profile’ users will receive a monthly sleep analysis where they can see ideal ranges for someone of a similar age and gender, and where they fall within each – so they see where they could focus on improving.

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After the critical data has been gathered from your sleep analysis, it informs your designated Sleep Animal and provides a fun way to understand your sleeping pattern.

The ‘Sleep Profile’ feature in FitBit has six animal archetypes, each chosen for their distinct trends that connect each animal’s behaviour with common user sleeping behaviours and patterns, Google said.

Easy To Use
In order to enjoy the benefits of this new feature, you need to wear your FitBit device to sleep for at least 14 nights to receive a proper assessment. Your data completely demands on how much you wear the device to sleep. If you wear it more, the data will be more accurate to evaluate.

There are also additional benefits for Premium users. The Sleep Profile of a Premium member includes sleep animal, monthly sleep analysis which comes out on the first day of every month. Your sleep animal can change from month to month depending on the data collected throughout the month.

Fitbit’s newest feature, Sleep Profile, allows Premium members to garner more insight into their sleep habits via their associated sleep animal and discover long-term trends in their habits so they may take steps to improve their sleep.

The feature is rolling out on the FitBit app to Premium users with Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe or Inspire 2. Users will receive their first profile during the week of July 4, followed by monthly profiles delivered in the Fitbit app on the 1st of each month.

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