Google Meet Feature: Google Meet set to roll out picture-in-picture mode for Chrome browsers


Google is rolling out a picture-in-picture feature for Google Meet on the Chrome browser. The tech giant is also launching a bunch of other features to make video calling experience all the more easier. With this new feature, you will be able to see up to four video tiles of meeting attendees in a floating window on top of any application.

Apart from this, you can also pin multiple video feeds which will provide better flexibility in how you combine people and content. The feature will allow you to adjust the view in a way that it serves you the best

The picture-in-picture feature will make it easier for users to multitask while being on a call. From editing, monitoring or making notes, the picture-in-picture feature during Google Meet will allow users to switch through different tabs without losing the actual video call and missing out on the conversation.

How To Use The Feature:
The picture-in-picture feature on Google Meet is available on Chrome browsers. You can access any tab on your browser while the call is on.

In order to turn the picture-in-picture feature on, click on the three dots button which appears at the bottom of your call screen. Now click on the picture-in-picture option. Clicking on the same button will take you back to the full Meet session.

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What’s Next?

Google is working on many updates for its tools, one of the upcoming features is in-meeting reactions which will let attendees visually express themselves with thumb, heart or smiley face emoticons and more. This will allow attendees to give immediate feedback to speakers, other attendees.

These reactions will appear in a participant’s video tile or overflow alongside their name if their video tile isn’t visible.

Google is also bringing Meet to Docs, Sheets and Slides soon which will let users start a meeting and bring it to a document, spreadsheet or presentation. Attendees can also present this document to all the others attending the meeting.

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