Instagram Outage News: Instagram outage prompts users to frantically refresh feeds, memes flood Twitter


Popular photo-sharing application Instagram reportedly faced an outage for a short period. Several users took to Twitter to express their disquiet.

Many shared screenshots of the apps on their smartphones; some said that their feeds were not refreshing; some were even unable to log in to their Instagram accounts.

The online platform that offers the real-time status of various websites, DownDetector, confirmed that the service was down.

The outage reportedly began on Tuesday at 9:45 am and lasted till around 12:45 pm. Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and other cities witnessed the outage.

Although these cities faced an outage, the application did not go down for all. Some users were able to use their Instagram accounts during the outage. They were able to log in and use the application in the usual way, checking DMs, refreshing feeds and even opening profiles. However, Instagram has not yet acknowledged the glitch.


The temporary outage on Instagram triggered a barrage of reactions on Twitter, with many of them complaining and even sharing hilarious memes.

From images of Mark Zuckerberg morphed into an electrician to the popular Spiderman meme, netizens seemed to be preoccupied with the application and the outage. This year, the application faced a similar outage in April.

The outage comes close to the Meta-owned app’s decision to bring in changes to its interface. Instagram has already announced a slew of changes; however, the application has plans to include more features such as the ability to rearrange posts, chronological feed, and more.

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