Instagram working on ‘Notes’ feature, will allow users to share disappearing announcements


Instagram is working on a new update that will allow users to post quick notes on their profile as announcements. The feature, called ‘Notes’, will let users post disappearing short content like important notes or advisory on their profile which they wish to share with only a few people.

According to a report in
TechCrunch, Instagram’s ‘Notes’ can be shared with your list of ‘Close Friends’ or followers who also follow you.

The Meta-owned platform is currently testing the new feature ‘Notes’ with a limited set of users at present.

Though Twitter also has a new feature called ‘Notes’, it’s not really similar to Instagram’s tool. The micro-blogging platform’s feature allows users to post long format content, whereas Instagram’s ‘Notes’ works more like sticky notes that disappear in 24 hours, just like ‘Stories’.

According to the report, when a user posts ‘Notes’, their followers will not get a notification alerting about it but it will be available on the app and will disappear after 24 hours. Users can also reply to Notes via messages.


Unlike Instagram’s ‘Stories’ which appears on the photo sharing platform’s feed, ‘Notes’ will appear in the inbox, giving more visibility to the messages.

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