Indian Reporter is a platform to share all the local news so that it can reach across the country and necessary action can be taken. Here you can post any news from your city/ village or from the corner of the country. We will review and approve your post on Indian Reporter.

You will get paid on each approved post. Always remember each person in this country is a Reporter who is fighting for the social cause or on the social Issue. So, let’s post it here and reach across the country.

Do write to us at or  for any inquiry and the payment details and process.

The user/ visitor is completely responsible for the post/ news/ articles/ content posted by the them. For the content accuracy, our team will review the post, and then it will be published only if it is approved. We are not guaranteeing the 100% genuine content by the visitor. Posting users are responsible for the content they are posting. Indian reporter is only providing a platform to the user to post local news on
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