tiktok: TikTok announces the launch of Live subscription feature, new service to release on May 26


Tiktok has announced the date to release the much awaited Live subscription feature on its short video platform. The ByteDance-owned company has decided to introduce this option as its competitors have been offering a similar service for quite some time. Tiktok’s Live subscription feature will offer creators a new way to earn revenue as it pushes to lure more to its platform. The company has confirmed that this upcoming feature will be launched on the platform on May 26.
Importance of Tiktok’s Live subscription feature
Tiktok has shared a a brief post on its blog about how the Live subscription feature will allow TikTok creators to have a new way to earn money. The blog mentions that select creators will be able to access this feature on May 26 that will give them a new way to connect with their community. The company claims that this feature will allow creators to earn a predictable income each month and will be one of the biggest benefits of this service. The Live subscription feature will be an appropriate solution as it has continued to be a pain point on the service for quite some time.
How creators will be able to earn a predictable income each month
Tiktok has confirmed that with this new feature creators will be able to personalise their own LIVE room and it will also be the first platform to offer the service to its audience. The company has also urged users to test the service by searching “live subscription” on TikTok, which will help creators to add various posts on the platform, sharing the few benefits that the service will offer. Multiple posts from both creators and their audiences have shown excitement for the impending change as the users are excited about the new feature going live on the booming platform.
Tiktok’s Live subscription feature in beta version
Beta testers have mentioned that the new live subscription service will offer multiple benefits that includes — subscriber-only chat, access to subscriber-only livestreams, emotes, unique gifts, and badges. This new feature will be rolled out in its beta phase to a select group of creators on May 26. TikTok is also planning a more widespread rollout.
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